Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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The Perfect Advice

Perfection is a GREAT achivement but as humans we can never be perfect. Some people might want to share their knowledge of how to improve ourselves.This sharing might not always be pleasant. Our job is simply to lend an ear and listen. Even if the advice comes in a negative manner,take it positively. A true friend is not the person who is always there enjoying with you. It is him or her who gives advice and guides you in the right path and caring for your goodness in this world and in the Hereafter.

There are people around us who might not be as good as ourselves. It is our duty to inform them for they are our brothers and sisters in Islam. We might feel intimidated to approach them but it s our duty to guide them for they will ask us on the Day of Judgment what good we did to them... When the right time comes, we have to give this advice in a positive,caring and motivating way.. Begin with the good character they possess and continue to add how they can improve it if they prevented certain unhealthy actions...

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